Laminator LM-330ID


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651446763

◉ Model: LM-330ID

◉ Material: metal

◉ Price: $154

◉ Color: black+white

◉ Depth: 580 mm

◉ Width: 258 mm

◉ Height: 145 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Number of rolls: 4

◉ Laminating width: 330mm(A3)

◉ Laminating hot/cold : Yes

◉ Max. laminating thickness: 1.2mm

◉ Warm-up time : 3-5min

◉ Speed: 500mm/min


◉ Laminate documents up to 13 inches wide; compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business-card-size, and photo-size papers.

◉ Laminating speed of 20" per minute. The machine offers Hot & Cold temperature settings for different thermal pouch thicknesses .Digital Temperature Control for accurate temperature.

◉ Compatible with any 10 mil laminating pouches.

◉ The easy-to-read guides and four-rollers feeding system makes laminating fast and easy.

◉ Quick 3-minute warm up. Compact design - ideal for any home office or classroom..Power setting ensures easy of use, no need to switch setting based on pouch thickness. Continuous 24-hour to working

Product Description

◉ Rayson LM-330iD laminator is an A3 A4 class laminator it offers high quality, professional lamination with easy-to-use controls. The machine features Jam-free technology and warms up within 3-5 minutes. The easy-to-read guides and four-roller feeding system makes laminating fast and easy. The machine offers Hot & Cold temperature settings for different thermal pouch thicknesses .Digital Temperature Control for accurate Temperature The laminator has a max input of items up to 13 inches, making it ideal for home, school, professional, or personal organization projects.


"I like this brand as it is both quality and easy to use."



"I really like this Laminator. No fuss no muss."



"I love this laminator! As a teacher I cannot have enough gadgets that help me, but this one is going to be used a ton for not only games and other fun items for my students, but for party tags, favors, etc. Very nice laminator! Works slowly but items come out in awesome condition. I used yardstick inside for a sturdier product. If you want it sturdy but wanna use plain paper probably get the 5mm pouches. 3 mm pouches with yardstick come out like a nice id card thickness."

---California Teachergirl---


"I use this lightly for home projects. In that setting it has worked well. I have laminated several hundred photos and documents without a problem"

---H. T. Nelson---


"I wanted to do some laminating projects for my dance studio. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a machine. The Amazon basics machine was less expensive than the main brands but promised to fill my needs. So far we have been very happy with it. It does not take up much room, works well, is easy to operate and fit in my budget. Definately reccommend it for someone wanting to do small projects."

---V. J. Ashen Studio---


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