How to replace the slide block for RAYSON SH-03 heavy duty stapler

◉ For SH-03

The slide block on the saddle heavy duty stapler is used to fix the punching plate. It is pushed by the handle to push out the staple, it is a parts to make the staple to stapling the paper. Long-term use makes it constantly wear, the slide block will be broken or the screw will be slipping, it must be replaced.


Allen key


Slotted screwdriver, Pliers


1. Use the slotted screwdriver to take out the circlip from the handle.

2. Take out these 2pcs pin from the handle.

3. Take out the handle.

4. Use the Allen key to unscrew the limit screw on the slide block and the fixing screw on the punching plate.

5. Replace with new slide block.

6. Screw the limit screw on the slide block.

7. Install back the handle and the pin.

8. Install back the circlip.

9. Install back the punching plate.

10. Replaced done.

Originally published 19 Nov 2020, updated 19 Nov 2020.

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