Laminator LM-22


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651446756

◉ Model: LM-22

◉ Material: PPS

◉ Price: $49.93

◉ Color: black/white

◉ Depth: 145 mm

◉ Width: 50 mm

◉ Height: 411 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Number of rolls: 2

◉ Laminating width: 230mm

◉ Max. laminating thickness: 0.6mm

◉ Warm-up time : 1-2min

◉ Speed: 300mm/min


◉ PERSONAL USE – Both compact and stylish, black and white ,two different kinds of color may be selected ,they are perfect for any home, school or small office and great for photos.

◉ Handouts or any creative laminating needs.

◉ SIMPLE START UP – Get started on projects right away. The laminator warms up in as little as 2 minutes for quick and easy use, and has a convenient ready indicator light. Laminate at 12" per minute.

◉ QUALITY RESULTS – The 9" document width allows for a variety of projects, while smooth rollers help items stay wrinkle-free. Compatible with any 3 and 6 mil laminating pouches.

◉ USER FRIENDLY – Lamination is simple with the single power setting, which lets you switch pouch thickness quickly and easily. Plus, the jam release lever quickly clears any jammed pouches.

Product Description

◉ The RAYSON Thermal Laminator offers high-quality laminating and a small foot control perfect for use in your home office, classroom, and more. The easy-to-read guides and two-roller feeding system makes laminating fast and easy.

◉ A single power setting laminates either 3 mil or 6 mil pouches. A power indicator and a ready indicator light clearly let you know when you can begin laminating. The Inspire Plus laminator warms up in 2 minutes and laminates any item up to 9" wide. With a laminating speed of 12" per minute you can remain productive and still protect all your important documents and favorite photos. standard thickness pouches is included. 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Laminator is black.

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