How to replace the heaters for RAYSON LM Series Laminator

◉ For LM Series Laminator

The heating coil of the laminator heater will be aging and broken after a period of normal used. And there will be another reason caused the heater broke. The laminating film may roll and elted on heaters. In this case, the heater may be broken because of the improper operation when clearing. The heater must be replaced too.


Cable tie


Phillips screwdriver, Slotted screwdriver, Wire cutter

How to replace the heaters for RAYSON LM Series Laminator


1. Unscrew with the Phillips screwdriver and take off the top cover.

2. Do the same to take off the front cover.

3. Do the same to take off the rear cover.

4. Take off the right cover.

5. Take off the left cover.

6. Take off the reflector.

7. Take off the circuit board (PCB) from the right cover.

8. Shear the cable tie.

9. Pull out the heater’s wiring.

10. Take out the heater.

11. Replace with new heater.

12. Connecting the heater’s wiring.

13. Install the reflector.

14. Install circuit board inside the right cover.

15. Install the left cover.

16. Install the right cover.

17. Install the front cover.

18. Install the back side cover (please noted that the back side cover with exit pressure plate, the bended side should facing to towards rollers).

19. Install the top cover, all done.

Originally published 29 Oct 2020, updated 29 Oct 2020.

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