Paper Shredder A606B


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651454232

◉ Model: A606B

◉ Material: PPS

◉ Price: $46.1

◉ Color: black

◉ Depth: 300 mm

◉ Width: 162 mm

◉ Height: 280 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Shredding capacity: 5sheets/80g

◉ Shredded paper size: 6.8mm(strip cut)

◉ Entrance: 220mm

◉ Bin volume: 10L

◉ Shredded speed: 3.8mm/min


◉ Strip-Cut paper shredder with 5-sheet capacity.

◉ Shreds paper into long strips .Shred width of 0.27 inch at a rate of 150 inch per minute.

◉ Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams.

◉ 3-mode switch Auto/Off/Reverse .Helps safeguard your identity.

◉ Ideal for basic shredding and light use.

Product Description

◉ This compact shredder delivers a high level of performance and features. Durable steel cutters can shred up to 5 sheets per pass into 0.27 inch strip cut pieces. Shredding important documents has become a valuable component to protecting your identity. This shredder minimizes your chances of falling victim to the hassle of identity theft and offers exceptional convenience and helps prevent your personal.


"Simple in shape and competitive price, perfect for small offices."



"Good quality, cheap price, so I will recommend my friend to buy."



"I'm so glad I got this paper shredder. I'd had a shredder some years ago that was such a dud that I had a hard time imagining one working well for such a reasonable price. It's swift, efficient, and effective"

---celestial blue---


"this a couple of weeks ago and so far it has worked very well. Had a bag full of paper that needed shredding and it did take a couple of sessions to get through it and allow for the appropriate cool down time, but it made it through like a champ. Only potential negative feedback, although slight sometimes the shredding sensor can be tricky to trigger especially if shredding just one page; the flimsiest thing on the shredder is the switch which feels like it might come off apart very easily (but hasn't); it would be great if the bin had some type of handle or handholds to help carry it when dumping it out."



"This is just a great buy. This unit will outdo any consumer level shredder I have ever used. Most of these are very limited in the number of pages it can do over a period of time. Some can't do more than a couple of pages without bogging down and many of these lesser shredders require frequent and lengthy cool down periods. This is a nice unit just don't get carried away and jam too much into it at once. If I had one complaint, I wish the holding bin was larger but that only matters when tackling large jobs. For the price its everyday use is just about perfect."

---Cyrus Brown---


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