What Kind of Staples does an Electric Heavy Duty Stapler Use

Date: 23 Sep 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

An electric heavy duty stapler is essentially the same as a manual heavy duty staple except that this heavy duty stapler variation is powered by electricity.Staples have internationally accepted sizes and standards, so the force that drives the staples into the mediums to which they are applied is not a significant determinant of the sizes or the nomenclature of the stapler. The kinds of staples that apply for use on electric heavy duty staples are just the same as their manual counterparts; however, one must note that there are several brands of electric staplers available in the market. The variation in the number of electric stapler brands available in the market makes it difficult to pinpoint a particular size or kind of heavy duty staple that applies to all electric heavy duty staplers. It is, however, correct to state that an electric heavy duty stapler uses the same sizes of staples as its manual counterpart. The kind of staples may vary from one electric heavy duty stapler to another, depending on the force with which the staples are driven into their media.

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What Kind of Staples does an Electric Heavy Duty Stapler Use

Originally published 23 Sep 2020, updated 23 Sep 2020.

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