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◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651477521

◉ Model: Staple

◉ Material: plastic

◉ Price: $19.99

◉ Color:

◉ Depth: 106 mm

◉ Width: 83 mm

◉ Height: 74 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ material: plastic

◉ Specifications: 23/6,23/8,23/10

◉ Binding Sheets: 2-20,20-40,40-60

◉ Packing:1,000 staples per box, including 10 boxes set - 10,000 staples.


◉ Heavy-duty 23/6 staples with longer:1/4" legs, width: 0.5in; which is securely Stapling 30 sheets of paper.

◉ Specially designed for use in heavy duty staplers that accept 1/4" staples.

◉ Enhanced staples provide dependable; Reinforce material; Sharp Chisel Points cut through large stacks of paper to fasten securely every time.

◉ To use with a Heavy Duty Stapler, especially with SH-03 - perfect performance without frustrating jams or interruptions

Product Description

◉ Enhanced Staples special for heavy duty stapler. Can staples with 30 sheets(80gsm 20lb) per time. Durable and press well.


"Real good quality and perfect to use with my Rayson stapler machine. I usually staple notebooks with 16 pages of 28lb plus 2 cardstock pages, 18 page total and 23/6 is the perfect length, real heavy quality."

---Maria F. Waddoups---


"These were order to use at a print shop. A whole lot of litigation papers to staple. the 1/4' leg length is perfect."

---Rick J---


"Staples don’t fall out of the paper. It’s a miracle!!!"

---Montague Poe---


"Just what was needed for a strong binding."

---Ed Epping---


"Very reliable. Good price."

---Amazon Customer---


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