Financial Binding Machine CD-400


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651477095

◉ Model: CD-400

◉ Material: metal

◉ Price: $254

◉ Color: black+orange

◉ Depth: 456 mm

◉ Width: 375 mm

◉ Height: 337 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Max. punching/binding(mm): 40

◉ Hole(mm): 5

◉ Margin(mm): 10-25

◉ Power(W): 120


◉ 15 seconds of fast loading, fast binding to improve work efficiency.

◉ Binding thickness of 40mm, ultra high binding thickness of strong performance.

◉ The structure of the core axis, the pressure riveting system has a long life.

◉ Ergonomic arm, elegant shape holding a comfortable grip, binding beautiful solid, binding effect beautiful not easy to fall off.

Product Description

◉ Alloy die-casting structure ,top solid Laser aiming device prior to punching Double punching & binding reminding Front margin adjustable, easy to operate. Financial binding machine is used for binding financial documents, such as bill binding machine. Financial binding machine generally adopts nylon tube pressing riveting bookbinding work. The whole operation process can be divided into: punching binding machine, automatic tube cutting, pipe, pressure riveting. Widely used in banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications, and schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions such as financial documents, bills, accounts, statements, journals, page file, file, drawings, paper, book paper bookbinding work.

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