Creasing Machine CM-480


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651477125

◉ Model: CM-480

◉ Material: metal

◉ Price: $298

◉ Color: white

◉ Depth: 665 mm

◉ Width: 585 mm

◉ Height: 185 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Creasing: 7 sheets

◉ Creasing wide: 480mm

◉ Machine size: 610*510*275mm

◉ Gross weight: 27KG


◉ Manual creasing machine with heavy duty steel base, Max creasing length 19"(480mm); Locating lines 2.

◉ Creasing machine with specially designed indentation structure, spring return, indentation accurate effort.

◉ Cover indentation easy to read; Text not easily deformed; Stability and durability; ,paper creaser tool with independent mold opening, long life.

◉ This manual creasing machine is suitable for creasing card covers, high gloss covers, book covers, thick covers, menus, invitations, etc.

Product Description

◉ 19" Scoring Paper Creasing Machine A3 Paper Manual Creaser

◉ This is a brand new professional all-steel heavy-duty creasing machine, called 480 manual creasing machine. It is easy to use, easy to operate for more variety, small batch indentation and folding series products. Its indentation lines are not only clear but also beautiful. When coated paper, specialty paper, paper and other indentation use, it will not appear folded edges, fracture phenomena.

◉ Simple type after printing of paper handling indentation equipment, the need for special folded paper, coated paper, photo paper, film, digital color printing or coating materials for thick documents and pictures and then folded indentation way to avoid off marks burst or rupture and other phenomena.


"It provides clear and beautiful indentation lines that makes the cover indentation to be easy to read, provides stability and durability."



"I think this creasing machine is suitable for office because it can be used to fold brochures, booklets and so on."



"Wonderful paper shredder. A real work horse. I've done several 8 inch stacks without stopping. Just seems very strong. Rips through unopened letters with ease. Even did a bunch of old manila folders. Plan to use it to cut up old wrapping paper to use to stuff gift bags."

---Tania Schmidt---


"I am working to clean out old bank records, bills, etc. This shredder eats paper like there is nothing there"

---Loretta T---


"I purchased this to shred paper and cardboard (e.g., all those empty Amazon boxes...) to use as bedding in my worm farm. As long as the cardboard fits in the slot, the machine can handle it. Just note that shredding cardboard voids the warranty."



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