Corner Rounder CR-01


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651477132

◉ Model: CR-01

◉ Material: metal

◉ Price: $120.65

◉ Color: blue+silver

◉ Depth: 350 mm

◉ Width: 200 mm

◉ Height: 250 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Manual Maximum Capacity: 0.4″

◉ Available Dies: 1/8″, 1/4″ 3/8″, 45° (straight)

◉ Dimensions: 9″ x 5.5″ x 5.8″

◉ Weight/Volumn: 5.5 lbs / 0.40 CbFt


◉ Ready-to-use right out of the box ,Constructed with hardened steel cutting dies, standard size M R6, L R10,S R3.5.

◉ Has built in scrap bin, Heavy metal base to keep the machine steady while cutting, Includes 1/4" 3/8 "1/8"radius cutting die.

◉ Without Holding Press Tool, All metal easy to operate more convenient.

◉ Simple "drop-in" die design for fast die changes, Gentle touch benchtop model.

Product Description

◉ RAYSON All Steel Heavy Duty Corner Rounder Machine CR-01.

◉ Fillet radius: R6 (1/4"), R10 (3/8")R3.5(1/8"); Without Holding Press Tool.Ready-to-use right out of the box.

◉ Heavy duty desktop Corner Rounder Cutter machine is professionally designed for cutting corners to round shapes. It can cut coroplast, foam core, PVC and ABS plastic sheets, paper card boards, pads, booklets, magnet sheets, aluminum sheets, etc, even can easily cut 30mil aluminum sheet. It is built with hardened steel cutting dies and ideal for all corner rounding usages. Top and bottom cutting blades are all hardened steel, that's the difference with others.

◉ Constructed with hardened steel cutting dies, ideal for all corner rounding usages.

◉ Lengthened handle design is used with the leveraged principle, so that cutting is more easily and more convenient.

◉ Both sides of the patron design, better fixed angle of the cut line, so that the paper in the case of double fixed do not run.

◉ Applications: professional printing companies, typing and photocopying shops, professional banner processing factory, wedding and celebration companies, etc.

◉ Maintenance and safe: Adjusted and tested before shipping, it SHOULD NOT be removed unless you have special requirement or need to adjust the distance between upper and lower blades after replacing the blades. Dive your hand between upper and lower blades when operate the handle is FORBIDDEN!

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