What Types of a Heavy Duty Stapler are There

Date: 31 Jul 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

heavy duty stapler is an important part of many office processes across the global horizon. These kinds of staplers offer a much more effective staple attachment solutions compared to the traditional kind of staplers. Therefore, the popularity of heavy duty staplers has shot through many industries, and their use is; even now, expedient to many office processes across the globe.

Rayson Staplers are one of the most effective heavy duty staplers there are. Rayson makes staplers that solve office challenges across a global circle, and it would be a wise decision to choose a Rayson stapler for your next heavy duty stapler need.

Categorizing heavy duty staplers can be an enigmatic thing because they are just made to solve home and office attachment problems, however, we will use a set of categorizations to achieve this purpose.

Below are some of the categories of heavy duty staplers there are:


In terms of the kind of power that drives the heavy duty staples, there are two kinds of heavy duty staplers: manual heavy duty stapler and electric heavy duty stapler.

Human hands drive a manual heavy duty stapler while an electric heavy duty stapler is driven by electric power.


In terms of the way the heavy duty stapler operates, there are two types of heavy duty staplers: flat and saddle heavy duty stapler.

What Types of a Heavy Duty Stapler are There

Originally published 31 Jul 2020, updated 31 Jul 2020.

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