What Type of Paper Shredder Should I Buy

Date: 11 Jul 2020 | Tag: paper shredder

To protect your confidential papers, and make your home or office clean, a paper shredder might be a wise solution. The machine can keep your sensitive paper or sheets safe. It is now essential and significant like a heavy duty stapler.

Moreover, it's necessary to select the correct types of paper shredder for everyday use. A user should choose the best one from the leading manufacturer. Rayson manufactures different types of paper shredder for office and home.

Types of Paper Shredders: There are several varieties of paper shredders regarding their style, size, and capabilities. Except for these differences, a person should consider the cut options of a paper shredder before purchase.

Generally, there are 3 types of paper shredder based on cutting options. They are strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders, and micro-cut shredders.

Strip-cut shredders: The name represents the function of this type of shredders. They cut the paper into long strips. Rayson Paper Shredder A606B is a strip-cut shredder, and it is best in this category.

Cross-cut shredders: It is the nest level of strip-cut option. The paper is chopped into short, thin strips. A piece of paper turns into approximately 400 little strips. Rayson Paper Shredder A756 is a cross-cut paper shredder. It is world-class in quality and suitable for office and home at an affordable price.

Micro-cut shredders: These shredders slice and cut the paper into thousands of tiny shapes. Rayson Paper Shredder SBS-520 is a micro-cut paper shredder. It has multiple functions, and it is capable of destroying credit cards, CDs, and papers.

Originally published 11 Jul 2020, updated 11 Jul 2020.

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