What kinds of stapling there are

Date: 28 Jan 2020 | Tag: stapler

In real work and life, anyone can use some simple handicrafts from handicraft stores or even office supplies stores to bind such books, which costs only a small amount of money. While it doesn't seem important to spend time choosing the best stapler, it can actually increase productivity and reduce some paperwork problems.

There are many kinds of staplers, from small to large, from light to heavy. According to the thickness of binding paper, it can be divided into: heavy-duty stapler, light-duty stapler and electric stapler. The light-duty stapler mainly meets the needs of daily office. The heavy-duty stapler is often used when Binding thick paper, while the electric stapler is often used by the printing factory. It can be used with one head, multiple heads and multiple heads. The multi stapler can improve people's working efficiency many times, and it can overcome the problems that the common stapler is easy to cause the slant of the nail hole and the disorder of the paper. However, the price of the multi stapler is relatively expensive. The general office and the small copy shop are not willing to buy a multi stapler, so a simple structure and cheap stapler is what people need, but at present, it is still needed There is no such stapler.

Their function is to connect files together, but their function is different. Heavy staplers usually have thicker staples that can penetrate more paper than regular staplers. This is a good choice for enterprises or individuals who often need to fix a bunch of documents.

In some cases, a heavy duty stapler can order more than 100 sheets of paper at a time. For those interested in taking the green route, the stapler is undoubtedly a good choice. Its working principle is usually to punch holes in the paper corner, and then stack the small punched paper pieces together. This kind of stapler can only be used on several pieces of paper, but with the passage of time, it can save a lot of money on the stapler, especially for the enterprises using a large number of staplers.

The best desk stapler is made of metal, which is relatively heavy compared with other staplers. Don't be too cheap - if you buy an ultra cheap, lightweight plastic stapler, but you only need to replace it in a few years, you will spend more money (let alone waste more landfill space).

If you're printing your own comics, magazines or brochures, it's easy to know how to find the best booking opportunities. Most standard office staplers are not enough to bind booklets together; fortunately, there are many specially designed staplers. If you mass produce on a fixed basis, you may want to invest in a saddle stitching machine. If this still doesn't meet your needs, look at the availability of the stapler. The more advanced stapler has a V-shaped base called a saddle. Place the spine of an open booklet, comic book, or magazine on the V-point so that the page is even and the binding is centered; the result is called a saddle slotted booklet. These staplers are more expensive, you can choose according to your own needs.

What kinds of stapling there are

Originally published 28 Jan 2020, updated 28 Jan 2020.

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