What is the History of the Heavy Duty Stapler

Date: 23 Jul 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

The history of the heavy duty stapler dates as far back as the history of the stapler itself because, at the time of the invention of the stapler, people just wanted a way to attached documents.

Before staplers were invented, things were not as easy to attach as the only methods used to attached material together were not as permanent as the stapler. People used glues, sewing, and a few other methods to attach materials at the time before the creation of staplers.

In 1866, King Louis XV (the King of France at that time) demanded of his craftsmen a better way to attach material. It was not until this time that the Craftsmen of that time came up with the first design of a stapler. At that time, the stapling device could only hold one staple at a time, and because of the exquisiteness of the person who demanded its creation, staples were made of gold at that time.

Since the creation of the first stapler, there have been modifications both to the design and the mechanism of this device, and this process has evolved pretty well since then. It was somewhere down the line of evolvement that inventors discovered that ordinary staplers could not suffice for the attachment of some materials, and this was the challenge that ked up to the creation of the heavy duty stapler. Paper shredders were also created somewhere down the line of this evolvement.

The creation of heavy duty staplers was intended to fill the gaps the ordinary staplers could not, and as such, it was not meant to compete with other kinds of staplers. Rayson is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy duty staplers in the world today, and you really should check out a Rayson heavy duty stapler because Rayson has a lot of stapler designs that make the staple using environment a fun one to be around.

What is the History of the Heavy Duty Stapler

Originally published 23 Jul 2020, updated 23 Jul 2020.

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