What is the Difference between Heavy Duty Stapler and Ordinary Stapler

Date: 28 Apr 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

Staplers are an iconic piece of office equipment that has withstood the test time and solidified a unique place in history. The history of the stapler date back to 18th century France, when King Louis XV sought an easy way to bind papers together. But it is not so easy at that time, until the 1860s that the first functional stapler was invented for more practical use.

Staplers have come a long way since then, and there are now lots of different staplers to choose from. The most classic and popular type of stapler used today is the ordinary stapler. It doesn’t take up much space on your office desk, and obviously, this stapler is very easy to use. It is great fit for light stapling work in offices environment. But on the other side for the heavy duty jobs they will require a heavy duty stapler, and there are some industrial models specially designed for very thick stacks of paper. Many of these types of staplers, in both manual and electronic form, can saddle staple up to 30 pages at once.

In this reference guide, we look at the difference between heavy duty stapler and ordinary stapler, their key features, and a couple recommended picks for each one.

Ordinary Stapler

Ordinary staplers are the most common types of staplers used in offices. Choose these staplers for occasional use and if you don't typically staple more than 15-20 pages of paper together at once. They use standard size staples with a length of about 1/4 inch. These are among the most popular business office supplies. The design of ordinary staplers varies from one model to the next, but they are generally inexpensive, lightweight, and portable.

Heavy Duty Stapler

Heavy duty stapler can drill through thick bundles of paper at once due to the structural strength, and are available in both manual and electric models. heavy duty staplers are workhorses with industrial strength. They are popular with printing and publishing firms. Heavy duty stapler comes in two unique designs. This incorporates flat stapler, which staple paper horizontally, and saddle stapler, which staple paper (generally folded) along the spine. Some heavy duty staplers can even do both. There are assortments of heavy duty staplers, including super flat clinch half strip and heavy-duty cartridge staplers. Saddle stapler meaning a group of papers are folded in the middle and stapled down the spine. You can choose from manual and electric models.

Benefit of Ordinary Stapler and Heavy Duty Stapler.

Ordinary staplers are so ubiquitous that it's easy to under-think the purchase to recommend for office, homes and school use. You can also use manual and ordinary staplers to tack paper to a wall.

Heavy duty stapler and manual ordinary stapler work in the same way, but heavy-duty ones are usually larger and may have a handle on the front end. You need a heavy duty stapler that with labor-saving and solid fuselage structure. These mechanical type of stapler is intended for binding thick heaps of reports.

If you have to bring a stapler with you wherever you go, for light jobs, you may need a Ordinary stapler. If you need to staple a lot of booklet or files, repeatedly throughout the day, you may require a Heavy Duty Stapler. What you purchase relies on your requirements.

What is the Difference between Heavy Duty Stapler and Ordinary Stapler

Originally published 28 Apr 2020, updated 28 Apr 2020.

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