What is Plastic Spiral Binding Coils

Date: 21 Apr 2020 | Tag: spiral binding coils

Spiral Coil Binding is a very popular binding method which for cookbooks, instructional manuals, calendars, and presentations etc to bind, allowing a document to lay completely flat when opened cover to cover. Spiral binding ring is also called Coil Binding, Plastic Coil, Spiral binding coil etc. Plastic spiral binding is easy to work with because the coil is simply inserted manually or mechanically using a binding machine. Rayson PD-1501 coil binding machine with manual punch operation and electric inserter, which is designed for frequent used in a small to medium environment. Using Rayson spiral coil binding machine you can add professionally finish to presentations, reference documents, proposals etc, to any business document.

What is Plastic Spiral Binding Coils

As the supplest for a binding machine the plastic spiral coils are widely used by schools and businesses, and are also easy for home use. The variety of plastic spiral coils colors available is vast, with colors including black, white, clear, red, blue, maroon, green, and more! Special-order colors, like yellow and pink, are also available by request.

Most plastic spiral manufacturers use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) compounds to produce coils. The required colorant is added during the extrusion process, at which time the PVC and colorant pellets are melted and mixed. The extruded filament is wound onto the spool in a single strand. Different contours are generated for specific coordination coil diameters. The wound filaments are then subjected to the forming process and made to the required specific diameter, pitch and coil length.

Very thin plastic spiral binding can cause problems during the insertion process. Plastic spirals that are too thick can also cause difficulties when inserted, thereby reducing the number of production. Recommendations can and should be made based on the book thickness, with the proper punch-hole size and shape being discussed. The type of coil inserting equipment being used also makes a difference.

Spiral coil binding machine is available in different punching formats. It is not the same with Heavy Duty Stapler, when stapling, it is depending on the staples size. But for the coil binding, it is depending on the pitch. The two most popular pitch are 3:1 and 4:1 pitch binding. Three-to-one pitch means that there are three holes within every 1’’ measurement. These pitch choices commonly are used when binding thicker books. The wider spacing makes coil insertion much easier. It also is recommended that the punch hole itself be a larger 6.5×5.5mm oval shape. This larger punch hole provides the coil more room to wind its way through. That size of punch hole can and does improve productivity by a good 40 percent.

Four-to-one pitch punches four holes per inch of paper. True 4:1 is probably the most common of pitches. Many North American equipment manufacturers work with this pitch. It literally means that there are exactly four punch holes within every 1’’. Although a common pitch, it does mean that punch pins need to be pulled in order to center this pattern on the 8.5’’ or 11’’ edge. 4:1 pitch (4 holes per inch) spiral binding coils are fully compatible with any matching 4:1 pitch coil binding machine.

For a good binding job a spiral coil binding machine is necessary. Spiral coil binding machine is available in either manual or electric punch. An electric punch machine is more common in the office and school marketplace as it alleviates operator fatigue on larger binding jobs. The punch capacity of the spiral coil binding machine is important also. If your plastic coil binding jobs often contain numerous pages a larger punch capacity will be benefit you greatly.

Originally published 21 Apr 2020, updated 21 Apr 2020.

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