What is a Hot and Cold Laminator

Date: 05 Dec 2020 | Tag: laminator

If you are searching for a laminator, you have to know about the type and method of the device. Depending on the working style, there are different types of laminators.

These are hot and cold laminators. You will get benefits from both types of laminators like a heavy duty stapler. But, what is the working process of these laminators?

Let's explore the techniques to understand the functionality of this office product.

Hot Laminator

The hot laminator is also known as a thermal laminator. In this process, the device will use heat to melt or activate an adhesive material.

Once the heat is applied, the adhesive melts, and the process works like a glue gun. This laminating style is common, and it can be used for photos, signs, posters, papers, documents, and more.

Cold Laminator

A cold laminator uses pressure to laminate a document with a thin plastic laminating film.

The glue/adhesive attach the sides of the paper when pressure is applied. You can compare it with the scotch tape process.

Rayson laminator LM330ID, LM-22,LM6-330, and LM8-330 are the best laminators that use a hot and cold method to protect your documents.

What is a Hot and Cold Laminator


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Originally published 05 Dec 2020, updated 05 Dec 2020.

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