What are the Guidelines Need to Know about a Paper Shredder

Date: 22 Dec 2020 | Tag: paper shredder

Guidelines for using a Paper shredders safely: Do’s and Don’ts

As you may have already know, paper shredders are a very handy tool that you can use inside your office and it is very important that you take note on some precautions so that you will know how to handle this machine properly so that you can use it safely and it can serve its purpose. Also, you must know that this machine has sharp blades, thus, see to it that you read the manual of your paper shredders thoroughly so that you will know how to handle it well.

So, before you operate your paper shredder, make sure that you take note on these guidelines that we have prepared so that you will know how to handle your shredder safely.

Shredding Do’s

• Check for the sheet capacity – make sure that you shred only the right amount of papers that your shredder can handle. It is very important that you won’t force the paper inside.

• Make sure that the bin is empty and closed – if the bin is overloaded with papers or open, the shredder will normally not operate.

• Check if the shredder needs oil – you must put oil regularly on your shredder to make sure that it will function well.

• Shred properly and take your time in shredding

What are the Guidelines Need to Know about a Paper Shredder

Shredding Don’ts

• Don’t shred large paperclips or staples – though shredders can shred CD’s and paperclips, you have to note as well that large size of these paperclips can damage your shredder.

• Don’t use with a hanging jewelry, loose clothes, or long hair – make sure to tie back loose items when shredding to avoid injury or destroying the shredder.

• Don’t operate if you think that it is broken – if the wires, the plug, or anything is unusual with the shredder, you better not use it.

• Don’t overload the outlets – overloading your outlets with your shredder can cause fire because of electrical shocks.

• Don’t change the attached plug – the plug that comes with your shredder is especially designed to configure the suitable electrical supply to avoid dangers.

• Don’t use aerosol cleaners – any spray can damage the mechanism inside. So, when cleaning, you can just wipe it with a dry cloth outside and use the shredder oil for its maintenance inside.

• Don’t use near waters – this can result to an injury because of electrical shocks.

Please make sure you had knowing the Safety guidelines before using the office equipments like binding machine, laminator, heavy duty stapler etc.

Originally published 22 Dec 2020, updated 22 Dec 2020.

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