Using Heavy Duty Stapler to Force Saving

Date: 03 Apr 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

heavy duty stapler is one of an office supply essential item. It is the workhorse of our stapler selection and come with a lot of advantages. These staplers are designed to be used often and are capable of stapling through multiple sheets of paper at once. They are also ideal for stapling through other materials such as fabric and plastic. Regular staplers will have a harder time doing this. Compared with regular stapler, heavy duty stapler is also force saving. Just a simple press down, it has the force to go through the paper. Don’t worry no staple comes out.

Heavy-duty stapler also take the work out of stapling multiple documents. If you are preparing a large presentation or combining documents for a handout, you can get a real strain in your hands from stapling through pages over and over. With a heavy-duty stapler, the levers inside turn a simple push of a handle into a lot of force. If you use an electric stapler, then you barely need to do anything at all to have the staple run through the papers.

Heavy-duty stapler will also give you a better finished product. How many times have you used a regular stapler only for the staple to be squint or not fully compressed? With a heavy-duty stapler, you get a perfect staple every time.

When it comes to heavy-duty stapler, there is a saddle / flat heavy duty stapler. This stapler type is useful for businesses and perfect for shared workspace or high capacity using.

Saddle / flat staplers are heavy-duty. Usually, a group of papers are folded in the middle and stapled down the spine. Saddle heavy duty stapler feature a V-shaped anvil that allows documents to be placed appropriately for booklet stapling. You can choose from manual and electric models. Then one you will need depends on the amount of paper you need to staple together and how often you need to staple. Some saddle staplers can be transitioned from flat to saddle and back to flat stapling with a few adjustments. An electric saddle stapler should ideally have a foot pedal to allow a person the use of both hands. It’s common to use two or three staples on the spine of a booklet. Saddle stapler can be found in copy shops, print shops, schools and other businesses.

Using Heavy Duty Stapler to Force Saving

If your stapler jams frequently, you might be using the wrong staples. Be sure to purchase the correct staples by following the manufacturer’s recommendations for staple selection. If you have any trouble finding the Stapler you require, do not hesitate to contact us. Our RAYSON based, friendly team will be happy to help you find the perfect product.

Originally published 03 Apr 2020, updated 03 Apr 2020.

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