Rayson stapler and spiral binding spines

Date: 16 Sep 2019 | Tag: stapler

Many people have operated with spiral binders, but very few people have ever raised concern on the accessories used in these machines. An accessory is a thing that is used to give aid or to make another thing more useful or powerful. In binding machines there is the need to use accessories to make this machine more useful while binding and also powerful. One of these accessories is Spiral Binding Spines. The world was introduced to spiral spines in 1932 in United States by a Spiral Binding Company. These spines were first made of metal spiral-coil but later changed to Spiral plastic.

Spiral Binding is a type of binding which uses plastic or wire spiral to hold a document. Spiral binding Spines are continuous single strand, made of plastic that are looped through holes of a document.

Spiral binding Spines are plastic accessories that are made of different color. They are used hand in hand with Spiral binder so as to make the work of binding more presentable and stylish. The good part of using spiral spines is that they are found in different colors and sizes. From the diverse range of color one is left to decide on which color suites the document to be used in biding. The Spiral binding Spines are made professionally in such a way that they are flexible enough to allow rotation of a document up to 360 degrees. Due to the variety of sizes found in Spiral binding Spines, they have been used to bind different paper sizes such as A4,B5 and A5.

The use of spiral binding spines have been the best ideal solution for document with 180 leaves to 4 leaves. These spines can also be used to printed documents of about 360 leaves. Its final presentation leaves a colorful product that leaves your clients yearning to get more of their documents folded.

Different machines use different accessories to be complete and function fully well. Spiral binding spines can give a professional appearance to bound documents just like stapler.There are lots of color for customer to choose so they are very popular with users.

Spiral binding spines provide a professional binding solution for important projects. They are ideal for busy environments, like corporate offices, universities, engineering, architectural or construction firms. High quality coils are flexible and stylish. Coil binding is an excellent choice for documents that need to be mailed or stacked.

Rayson stapler and spiral binding spines

Originally published 16 Sep 2019, updated 16 Sep 2019.

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