Introduction to Stapler and comb binding machine

Date: 06 Mar 2019 | Tag: stapler

A variety of business and individuals use binding machines and stapler. There are several different binding systems, and each system comes in a variety of sizes for different binding volumes.

We'll look at each binding system and who it is suited for.

Comb Binding

(RAYSON model in SD series)

RAYSON Plastic comb binding machines will punch holes into the edge of your paper, open the comb as you insert the paper, and close it over a row of evenly spaced plastic rings.

The largest plastic combs that you can buy is 51mm in oval shape, it will binds about 450 pages (80 grams copy paper). Plastic combs are the least flexible binding option since they have a plastic spine that spans the combs preventing the book from being folded over itself like a coil will.

Comb binding machine prices is similar with stapler will vary depending in the size of documents they can bind (the main feature both in number of pages and length of the paper it can punch each time) and whether they manually or automatically punch documents. Also on the function whether it with or without free blades. Some models also have the ability to bind more than one style as same as stapler.But it is not the popular system. We are not introducing here.

Plastic comb is in lower price than other binding accessories, but less durable, because of the rigid structure and material used (PVC) to make the combs. Comb binding is popular for smaller and thinner binding applications such as calendars, cookbooks, and similar binding.

Introduction to Stapler and comb binding machine

Punching size: the holes size 4x8mm, holes distance

Now the popular models of comb binding system is produced by RAYSON INC. from china. They are OEM for many big brands over world. Their models of comb binding system are in SD series, stapler are in SH series. Comb binding machine hot sealing models are SD-1201, SD-1500A21. Stapler hot sealing models are SH-03 ,SH-04.

Introduction to Stapler and comb binding machine

Originally published 06 Mar 2019, updated 06 Mar 2019.

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