How to Use the Double Ended Heavy Duty Stapler

Date: 20 Jan 2021 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

As the name implies, a double ended heavy duty stapler has two openings so that you can staple two different documents all at once. This type of stapler was invented with a goal to address the unique and complex type of staplers that are needed today. With this new office tool, a lot of time can be saved because you can make your work faster, hence, reducing the stress inside the office.

You have to keep in mind that for the best staplers in the world, the Rayson company is the best manufacturer out there and they have proven already that their staplers are the most efficient and durable ones. So below, you will get to learn the steps on how to use a double ended heavy duty stapler so that you will not be wasting a lot of your time in your office today.

1. Set the heavy duty stapler for a simultaneous operation or an independent stapling operation. You can actually set the stapler however you want. You can let it operate simultaneously stapling two different documents or you can also set it to staple two different documents all at once. For you to do this, you just need to connect the long flat bar, to have it function simultaneously, or remove it, for an independent action, depending on the type of stapling function you would like.

2. Insert the staples in the compartment. Push the knob at the back of each double end of the stapler to put staples on each side.

3. Use the stapler. Place the document that you wish to staple on the tabletop surface and engage the stapling surface of the stapler. After doing so, you can start stapling the documents already.

So, using a double ended heavy duty stapler is not that difficult right? Make sure that you take note on these steps so that you will surely get a grasp on how to use the double ended heavy duty stapler of Rayson company.

How to Use the Double Ended Heavy Duty Stapler

Originally published 20 Jan 2021, updated 20 Jan 2021.

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