How to use heavy duty stapler and financial binding machine

Date: 13 Sep 2019 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

The financial binding machine is employed for binding financial documents, similar to an invoice binding machine and an heavy duty stapler.

The financial binding machine usually makes use of a nylon tube pressing riveting bookbinding work. The entire operation process can be split into punching binding machine, pipe, automatic tube cutting, and pressure riveting. Widely utilized in securities, banking, insurance, telecommunications, including institutions, colleges, enterprises and associations like financial documents, reports, bills, statements, journals, document, newspaper, drawings, publication, and paper bookbinding work.

How to Use

The voltage is specified on the major label. Before connecting the device, ensure that the voltage indicated on the main label is the same with city power voltage. Switch off the primary switch when it is not being used.

1.Plug into a power supply, turn on the power button, you can listen attentively to check if there is a buzzer sound. In the meanwhile, the power indicator on the Screen panel is illuminated.

2.Press the ON/OFF button (on the display panel), the Standby indicator is off, and the Ready indicator will be in RED. The forming heads are being heated up.

3.It'll Be ready for binding documents after 3 minutes.

Add a Nylon tube to the Tube entrance. Put the documents below the Drill bit adjust the place of drilling hole. Press down the grip of hitting until the Drill bit touches the pad. It would make a beeping noise the moment the Drill bit touches the pad.

Just take a little Nylon tube from the tray of the tube and insert to the whole of the drilled. Move them into the left and then set the nylon tubing between two Forming heads.

Add the Location pin, then press the binding handle for about 3 seconds down and lift after hearing beep sounds.

The files are bound nicely.

The machine features a function of Power Saving. If there is no movement of binding within 25 seconds, do Press ON/OFF change (on display panel)for 3 seconds the machine will likely be in the mode of working, run it according to step 2 and 3.

You can also easily operate under the figurative instructions ontop the workbench


Please disconnect the machine prior to cleaning or maintaining.

To clean the exterior of the machine, you need to wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with tap water. But prevent the liquid from leaking into the interior of the machine. Make sure you prevent washing of the forming head with a wet cloth.

Take note that a plastic material is used to make the cabinet of the machine. Do not make use of organic solvents (solvent such as gasoline) or washing the plastic parts with decontamination representative.


Do not punch documents more than the permitted capacity every time. Otherwise, it might damage the machine.

Do not punch any material (such as cloth, moist paper, metal, fabric, glass, etc.) except dry paper. Otherwise, it can harm the machine.

How to use heavy duty stapler and financial binding machine

Originally published 13 Sep 2019, updated 13 Sep 2019.

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