How to use document cutter safely

Date: 21 Jul 2023 | Tag: paper cutter

Paper Cutter is an invaluable tool for cutting paper precisely and efficiently. Whether you work in the office or do some crafting, it's important to use a paper knife safely to avoid accidents. To ensure safe use, please follow the instructions below:

Choose the cutter that suits your needs. Various types are available, such as guillotines and rotary cutters. Make sure you have the right knife for the job at hand.

How to use document cutter safely

Prepare a designated work area with adequate lighting and a clean, level surface.

Familiarize yourself with the cutter's safety features, such the blade locks or the blade guard. Make sure they are working properly.

Place the paper firmly on the cutting surface and align it with the desired size or guide.

Keep your hands off the cutting path and use the cutting blade safety mechanisms to start cutting.

How to use document cutter safely

Use constant, even pressure when cutting and avoid pushing or pushing the paper through the cutter.

After cutting, remove the cut paper and set aside before beginning a new cut.

When finished, replace any locks or safety devices securing the power cutter and store in a safe place out of the reach of children and unauthorized users.

Originally published 21 Jul 2023, updated 21 Jul 2023.

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