How to Use a Saddle Heavy Duty Stapler

Date: 26 Dec 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

The Rayson heavy duty stapler is a must-have book-binding tool for creating booklets, presentations, and other documents for office or home use. With a heavy duty stapler, you can staple a thick stack of pages with a single press. And in case of the Saddle Heavy Duty Stapler by Rayson, you just have to press the foot control button to staple and bind your booklet.

Using the Rayson heavy duty stapler is very easy. The stapler has two modes: foot control and automatic. The machine automatically staples your materials when they touch the trigger on the workbench.

As an alternative, you can connect the foot control to have manual control over the stapling process. When you connect the foot control, the triggers are no longer effective. You need to position your material correctly on the workbench and then press the foot control to set the machine in motion.

The heavy duty stapler can do both flat stapling and saddle stapling. Just align the workbench correctly at the saddle position for saddle stapling or the flat position for flat stapling.

With side stops and margins, the Rayson heavy duty stapler makes sure you never go wrong when stapling your creative and valuable materials. You can position your material perfectly on the workbench before pressing the foot control and get it done just right.

How to Use a Saddle Heavy Duty Stapler

Originally published 26 Dec 2020, updated 26 Dec 2020.

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