How to Use a Heavy Duty Stapler to Binding Books

Date: 26 Nov 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

Bookbinding is one of the ways of attaching books and preparing them for aesthetic and presentable looks. There are however a lot of bookbinding methods and they all serve different purposes. One of the ways of attaching books involves the use of a stapler (many times a heavy duty stapler), to hold the edges of the book in place before it is completely bound. The following lines explain more about this process.

Bookbinding that involves the use of a stapler involves the following processes:

• Arrange all the sheets of the book that's to be bound

This involves a careful and neat arrangement of the pages that are to be bound such that they're all seamlessly coherent at all the edges.

• Place the binding covers on both ends of the arrangement.

Just as the pages of the book were coherently arranged, place the binding covers on both ends of the book, one for the front cover, and the other on the back cover. Ensure, however, that the binding covers are also coherently arranged with the pages of the book.

• Staple the edges of the arrangement

This involves the use of a heavy duty stapler to attach the sheets of the book and the binding covers at the edge which the binding spline would fit on the book.

• Carefully slide the binding spline through the edge of the book to cover the staples at its edges.

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Originally published 26 Nov 2020, updated 26 Nov 2020.

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