How to Use a Flat and Saddle 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Stapler

Date: 20 Oct 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

The use of the flat and saddle two-in-one heavy duty stapler is undoubtedly not a walkover because this kind of stapler is not one that's common to many. And so, there are not so many people who know how to find their way around this very innovative stapling machine. We will, however, demystify the use of this stapler in the following lines of this article.

Please take the following steps when you desire to use the flat and saddle two-in-one heavy duty stapler:

• Set the stapler in place for use as a flat stapler

For this, all you need to is lift the table like platform that's on the stapler to a flat pregauged level, then hook the table like surface with a long rod that comes with the stapler, so it doesn't move while stapling activities are ongoing.

• Set the stapler in place for use as a saddle stapler

To understand how saddle stapling works, we need to understand what saddle stapling means. Saddle stapling involves stapling at angles. To set the flat and saddle two-in-one heavy duty stapler up for use as a saddle stapler, one needs only to bend the table-like surface to the angles allowed on the stapling machine. Depending on the stapler's make and brand, there's usually a long rod that locks the stapler in place. Once this rod is removed, it becomes easy to collapse the table-like surface. Once the surface collapses, you can then lock the stapler by putting the rod back in its place. You can then go on and keep stapling at whatever angle the stapler allows.

However, one must note that Rayson makes the most effective heavy duty staplers in the market of today, so it would be advisable to go for a Rayson stapler over other stapler brands.

Originally published 20 Oct 2020, updated 20 Oct 2020.

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