How to Use a Creasing Machine

Date: 06 Nov 2020 | Tag: creasing machine

Whether you need to make brochures, booklets, or anything else that needs perfect folds, using a creasing machine is a great way to give your documents a polished and professional finish.

By applying it in the right way and option, the device will make your folding tasks quick and clean.

However, this machine is easy to use, and you can fold your documents without cracking or damage, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

If you select a high-quality creasing machine manufactured by a global brand like Rayson, you will get a user-friendly operation with safety instructions. It is a quality device as their heavy duty stapler.

Here is the step by step guide for operating a creasing machine properly.

The simple operation of a creasing machine

1. First, fix the creasing position, and set the aluminum bar to the right place

2. Then, put the paper close to the fixed aluminum bar and make sure that the left margin is in the right position. Press the handle to crease the paper.

3. You can adjust the creases deep by rotating the metal flake in case of a shallow crease on one side of the paper.

4. You have completed the task. It is simple as you read.

How to Use a Creasing Machine


Keep the machine away from the children and pay attention to your fingers while pressing the handle.

Originally published 06 Nov 2020, updated 06 Nov 2020.

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