How to Set the Heavy Duty Stapler When it is Jammed

Date: 11 Sep 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

A staple jam is a common phenomenon in the use of staplers generally. This staple jam is caused by a lot of factors that can take a whole lot to list out. A staple jam can be very frustrating, especially when the user of the stapler does not know what to do or how to go about the process of solving the staple jam. A staple jam can be easy to deal with when dealing with an ordinary stapler, but the difficulty of coping with staple jams increases with the size of the stapler.heavy duty stapler use heavy duty staples; their use of heavy duty staples makes it more challenging to demystify staple jams in heavy duty staplers. However, we will highlight a step by step guide to solving the issue of staple jams in the following lines.

• Open the heavy duty staple compartment

The staple compartment is where the heavy duty staples are placed in a heavy duty stapler. Opening the staple compartment will allow the user of the heavy duty stapler to get access to all the staples in the stapler, as well as see the exact source of the staple jam problem.

Opening the staple compartment in most heavy duty stapler involves releasing a spring-loaded knob around the back of the heavy duty stapler.

• Remove all the intact staples from the staple compartment

Most staple jams involve a single strand of staple, and so removing that single staple will solve the staple jam problem. When the staple compartment of the heavy duty stapler has been opened, removing all the other staples that are not affected by the staple jam will allow the user of the heavy duty stapler to see the one staple that’s causing the staple jam.

• Remove the jammed staple with a long needle nose plier

This process is the differentiating factor between solving the issue of a staple jam in an ordinary stapler and a heavy duty stapler. One has to use a long nose plier to remove the staple jam of a heavy duty stapler because it may not be easy to remove with a pin or tweezers. After removing the jammed staple, one can then place back the staples in the compartment and keep using the stapler.

As relieving as solving a staple jam problem can be, it is however better avoided than solved. One of the best ways of avoiding a staple jam is using jam resistant heavy duty staplers, as these are designed to resist jams in their operation. Rayson is one of the most effective jam resistant heavy duty stapler makers in the globe. Be sure to check a Rayson heavy duty stapler out for a smooth stapling experience.

Originally published 11 Sep 2020, updated 11 Sep 2020.

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