How to remove a jammed staple from stapler

Date: 16 Jan 2020 | Tag: stapler

Staplers are common office supplies in large companies, small workshops, newspapers and even many private families. The stapler has a good binding function to help us sort out some magazine materials or book documents. When using the stapler, we may also encounter some problems, such as no nails, incomplete binding, the wire nails do not penetrate the documents to be bound well, or the stapler can not press down, and the nail board is stuck. It's all possible problems.

Before, Rayson had a foreign customer who needed to hold an exhibition. He needs to make an album, but the stapler he bought has a nail. Generally speaking, there is a nail. It may be that the nail specification of the stapler is wrong, or the nail quality is not good, or the material problem, or the quality problem of the stapler, which leads to the nail problem. Customers are worried about how to solve the problem of pin by searching on Google, but Google does not include any solution to pin. So customers are more anxious. He went to Rayson's official website, contacted customer service, and solved the customer's problems perfectly. Finally, the customer became a loyal customer of Rayson and bought Rayson's stapler. A few days later, he received the stapler, followed the instructions, bound the album, and his exhibition was held successfully. He said that not often thanks to Rayson's products and services, so efficient and professional products.

And a client of Rayson. She was angry and sad when her husband cheated. She wants to write a few pamphlets about her experiences, which are bound into volumes for sale, so that more people can know the secrets of marriage. But when she was about to stapler, she found that she didn't have a stapling machine, so she bought a stapler online, but found that there was a jammed on the stapler, which made her very distressed and lamented that her life was very hard. So she went to ask the businessman to solve the problem. The merchant told her that the product can be returned for warranty, but it will take a long time to send back to the customer. However, the client felt that she could not wait so long. She had to finish stapling several booklets quickly, so she returned the product and bought a stapler on Rexam's website. After receiving the goods, she bound the booklet immediately and found that the stapler was very convenient to use and did not jam at all. She was very satisfied with the purchase experience, gave us five-star praise, and recommended friends to buy. We also thank our customers for their support and attention.

There is a client of Rayson. He is a high school history teacher. He is very concerned about students' study and loves his teaching career. He wanted to print history handouts for his students, then stapling them up and send them to every student in the class. He also bought a heavy duty stapler from another company. In the process of book ordering, there are staples. He believed that a large number of staples led to the appearance of staples. Then he chose Rayson. Rayson's stapler didn't show any pins, which satisfied him. He said he would buy Rayson's products again. When you read this article, you must also want to have a Rayson stapler.

Stapling is a headache when binding. Have you seen it? instead of stapling paper, they are directly jammed stapler. There is no other good stapler nearby. Is it the quality of the stapler or the stapling problem? Most of the answers can be said to be a problem with the stapler, not the stapler. In fact, there is something wrong with the stapler. The same phenomenon will appear in the long-term use of high-quality staplers. So what's the point? If you have a pin, you don't want to buy a second machine. What should you do? There are two solutions, one is to buy Rayson stapler directly, the other is to solve the stapling problem. The first way is not to let me guide you how to solve this problem. For the second problem, I will take Rayson's stapler as an example to explain how to solve this problem. First, open the safety door, then pull out the stapling nail slot, take out the nail, close the binding nail slot, install the strength adjustment wheel, adjust to the scale 1, put the pen on the flat riding fast switching workbench, put it under the stapler binding, press the foot pedal, the nail will fall from the nail slot, which solves the problem of nail sticking. Have you ever dealt with such a thing without buying a new stapler.

If you encounter it, please don't worry. These are not big problems. If your stapler isn't very expensive, I think it's better to replace it. Buy a new one, it's not a matter of force. It's the slot under your stapler that is broken or deformed. After the nail receives the downward force, it comes out of the nail slot and enters the nail slot downward. You can use this method: use pointed nose pliers to pull out the nails, cooperate with the side beating, and spring them out naturally. At the same time, the stapling shall not exceed the original specification of the stapler and the number of binding pages.

At the end of the article, I think you already know how to solve the problem of the pin. In fact, it is very simple, and there is no more difficult operation process. You must buy a high-quality stapler, such as Rayson's products. It gives you a hundred reasons to buy it. If you are excited, you should take action immediately. Pick up your mobile phone or computer, open our web page, click on the link, and buy it immediately. You can buy Rayson's products. In a few days, you will receive this excellent stapler. You will be amazed at this The function of the product. Be sure to read the manual carefully, because here will be written about the parameters, operation process, and details of each part. Don't miss such thoughtful guidance, so that you won't bind more than the number of bound pages, and you won't choose the wrong nail. Speaking of this, you must have been very clear. The pin is not the most important. It is very important to choose a stapler, but it is more important to choose a brand. Rayson gives you a five-star experience, a butler one-stop service.

How to remove a jammed staple from stapler

Originally published 16 Jan 2020, updated 16 Jan 2020.

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