How to Put Staples into a Heavy Duty Stapler Two

Date: 24 Nov 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

Loading staples into a stapler is one process that's salient to the operation of the stapler, this is even more so for the heavy duty stapler. The process of loading the heavy duty stapler with heavy duty staples is one that requires a little technical knowledge about how the stapler operates, it however is quite straightforward and anyone can do it.

To put staples into a heavy duty stapler, one needs to realize first before all that there is a part of the heavy duty stapler called the staple compartment, and this is like the heavy duty staple bank of the heavy duty stapler. The staple compartment is where staples are carefully arranged before they are set into operation. Once, the staple compartment of the heavy duty stapler is recognized, the next step to loading a heavy duty stapler with staples is understanding that there is a tool in (or a part of) the heavy duty stapler called the staple mechanism. As the name sounds, the staple mechanism is a part that plays a very important role in the ability of the heavy duty stapler to operate effectively. The staple mechanism, many times is a long spring-loaded metal, it is seen, however, on the stapler as something that looks like a button, and it's mostly located on the top of the stapler.

Once all the important parts that are responsible for the operation of the heavy duty stapler are recognized and iterated, the next step is knowing what to do with them, and this is pretty much a walkover. All you need to do now, push or pull (depending on stapler design) the lever that controls the staple compartment to release its spring loading, this should automatically grant you access to the staple compartment of the heavy duty stapler, and there you go, you can put as many heavy duty staples as the compartment can take. After loading the staples into the staple compartment, cover it and push back the staple mechanism into place and there you go, the heavy duty stapler is ready for work again.

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Originally published 24 Nov 2020, updated 24 Nov 2020.

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