How to Determine Binding Paper Weight

Date: 18 Jul 2020 | Tag: binding

Paper is a material that’s widely used in many different regions of the world. The applications of paper are numerous. It has a relevance that touches the heavy duty stapler industry, the writing industry, the artistry industry and a very vast range of other industries. Rayson makes some of the machines that make paper most usable in our world, such as the wire binding machine, the heavy duty stapler, et Cetera.

As crucial as the paper is, there are not so many who know how to determine its weight, and this is what we attempt to demystify in this article.

The weight of paper is generally measured in two ways. The two methods of paper weight determination are explained below:

• Pound Weight

Paper pound weight is determined by weighing a pack (or a ream) of paper. The pound weight of paper comes from the collective weight of the paper ream, and there are about five hundred paper sheets (500) in a ream. The weight of the five hundred paper sheets in the ream is what is used to describe the pound weight of the paper. In short, the pound weight does not put into consideration the individual weight of each paper sheet. It measures a collective summary of the papers contained in a ream of paper. This weight is measured in pounds and is represented by the hash symbol (#).

• Point Weight

The point weight of paper talks about the weight of every single sheet of paper. Measuring the point weight of paper can be a very trickish task because some papers are very thin and as such, they have an overlookable weight. However, there is a measuring tool called the calliper used to determine the thickness of the paper and gives an accurate description of its weight in very specific terms. The “pt” unit represents this weight measurement.

How to Determine Binding Paper Weight


1. Thick and Thin, Points and Pounds – How to Determine Paper Weight -- replica

Originally published 18 Jul 2020, updated 18 Jul 2020.

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