How to choose a stapler for binding

Date: 22 Jan 2020 | Tag: stapler

Stapling is an inexpensive and secure way to bind small publications. Stapling the center of the booklet is called “saddle- Stapling” or "center- Stapling," and is used for publications printed on large sheets of paper folded in half. Stapling on the edges of pages is called “side- Stapling”. This is used for documents printed on single sheets. After stapling the pages, a cover is often glued onto the booklet, covering the staples and stapled edges. Assemble the pages (sometimes called “leaves”) in the correct order.

For side-stapling booklets, the pages will simply be stacked in consecutive order. For center-stapling booklets, each page will be one half of a large sheet folded in the center.Tap the stack of the pages so that the edges to be stapled are even. This edge is called the “spine.” This can be done with the ruler or by holding the stack in your hands and tapping the spine edge on the table. Set the stapler's paper guide according to the type of publication. For side-stitched booklets set it to one quarter of an inch; for center-stitched materials set it to one half of the full sheet. Slide the spine into the paper guide of the stapler.Staple the booklet pages firmly, making sure that the staples go all the way through the pages and curve back properly. Use three or four staples, depending on the size of the booklet.

For a publication using standard 8.5-by-11-inch pages, three staples are the norm.Check the bottom of the stack to be sure the staples went all the way through the pages and that they are curved down so that no staple points are sticking out. If some are still sticking out, turn the document over and gently press down with a hard instrument such as a small hammer. Making your own books can be a creative way to make gifts for family and friends. Binding doesn't have to be done with expensive tools. The two types of book binding in these examples can be preformed in a short amount of time to make creative looking books.

Choosing the best stapler is usually about identifying your own binding needs and finding the right machine for them. You should consider how many sheets of paper you need to bind on average, and make sure you find a machine that meets that need. If you plan to bind quite a wide range of different paper quantities, you should make sure that the stapler can handle these different quantities as well as the staples of different sizes. You can also consider a heavy-duty stapler that is easy to use, including features such as removing stuck stapler tools and lifetime warranty.

When you are looking for the best stapler for your needs, you should usually first consider how many sheets of paper you need to bind. If you need different kinds of staples, you should find a stapler that can hold different sizes of staples. The best stapler should also suit your specific needs as much as possible. Many staplers will include a tool to make it easier to remove stuck staples, use them more comfortably, and possibly use a mechanism that requires less power from the user while binding. You should also look for a warranty stapler, because the price of the stapler is often not very cheap, and may even damage the correct use.

How to choose a stapler for binding

Originally published 22 Jan 2020, updated 22 Jan 2020.

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