How to Adjust Rayson SD-1201 for Working With Letter Size

Date: 09 May 2020 | Tag: binding machine

Comb binding machine, spiral binding machine, wire binding machine, heavy duty stapler, click binding machine etc. are the commonly used binding machine in our life. The binding machine comes in both electronic and manual formats. To bind a document, comb binding is a familiar way to bind pages together. With this bind, the book lies flat but cannot be opened 360 degrees. This method uses round plastic spines with 19-rings or 21-rings. The 19-rings comb binding spines max. bind with letter size paper and 21-rings comb binding spines max. bind with A4 paper. When having a binding machine, you might have a comb binder which comes with 21 holes, but is not with any disengaging pin, does it necessarily mean you can not punch US letter size paper? With RAYSON Binding Machine, the answer is "NO." It just means that you have two extra holes.

"How do you adjust RAYSON comb binding machine so it works with letter size paper?"

If you are going to use RAYSON SD-1201 comb binding machine for punching a US regular-sized piece of paper which is an 8 and a half by 11. You can set the Paper stopper to ensure the holes from 20 to 21 that there's not going to be anything punched out (no perforated). In this case, you will find this machine completely working as planned. It consider all the uses - school uses; recreational uses; business uses; office uses etc.

The Features of SD-1201

Manually punches up to 12 sheets (A4, letter size or below) of 80g(20lb) paper at a time. And binds up to 200 sheets (A4, letter size or below) of 80g (20lb) paper.

Enhanced accuracy edge guide from 3mm to 7mm for pinpoint punching, adjustments can be made with ease. Align papers to left of your page using the paper stopper, loads horizontally for accurate & letter size or other size paper punching.

Durable Metal Construction for Long-Lasting Uses. Steel handle for easy punching.

Non-skid feet on the bottom, stable and solid.

Punching and binding add a professional finish to presentations, handbooks, proposals, and other office documents or files.

How to Adjust Rayson SD-1201 for Working With Letter Size

Originally published 09 May 2020, updated 09 May 2020.

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