How Much does a Heavy Duty Stapler Cost

Date: 12 Oct 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

Heavy duty staplers are one of the essential pieces of office equipment that apply to many large organizations. This is because of the critical role it plays in the operations of these offices. It is, therefore necessary, to have an idea of its price in the market. The following lines of this article will show some prices of the most common heavy duty staples in the market today. However, we must note that these prices may vary across countries because of international conversion rates and monetary volatility. You should also know that the standard for use to prepare this article is that of Rayson staplers. The staplersfrom this stapler manufacturer are fast growing to become the industry standard of staplers globally.

• Rayson ST-105GT heavy duty stapler costs six hundred and fifty dollars ($ 650)

• Rayson SH-03 heavy duty stapler costs about one hundred and thirty-six dollars ($ 135.9)

• Rayson SH-03GT heavy duty stapler costs about three hundred and ninety-three dollars ($ 392.73)

• Rayson SH-04 heavy duty stapler costs about one hundred and thirty-eight dollars ($ 138.18)

• Rayson SH-04G heavy duty stapler costs about two hundred and fifty-five dollars ($ 254.55)

• Rayson ST-102 heavy duty stapler costs about four hundred dollars ($ 400)

Originally published 12 Oct 2020, updated 12 Oct 2020.

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