How a Heavy Duty Stapler Can be Jam-Free

Date: 07 Jul 2020 | Tag: heavy duty stapler

Staple jamming can be a grave concern, especially when executing staple operations on a heavy duty stapler. A staple jam occurs when the staples are no longer able to come out of the staple compartment freely. Rayson is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy duty staplers and even binding machines in this age. Almost all of Rayson heavy duty staplers come with a jam-free design. However, it is still impediment we talk about how to go about a smooth and jam-free staple operation on a piece of heavy-duty staple equipment.

The process of having a jam-free operation on a heavy duty stapler is quite a simple and straightforward one. However, the process may vary between stapler models and manufacturers.

There are two ways to work around a jam-free operation on a heavy duty stapler. The first is more proactive while the other is more reactionary.

Routine Lubrication

As a rule of thumbs, it is advisable to lubricate a heavy duty stapler after ten thousand staples. It may be hard to keep a count of how many times the stapler is used. However, taking note of how many staples can fit into the staple slot of the machine can help keep track of this consistently. Lubricating the device is the most effective guide against staple jamming because it helps the stapler operate on its inbuilt jam-resistant capability.

A pencil shock

This process involves slotting a pencil between the part of the heavy duty stapler where the staple pins come out and the table. This process will cause a gap to come in between the table and the staple compartment hole, thereby preventing actual stapling. Pressing the handle at this point will push stuck staples out of the way to allow the continuation of the stapling process. Once the stuck staples are out, the pencil must be removed before stapling can go on.

How a Heavy Duty Stapler Can be Jam-Free

Originally published 07 Jul 2020, updated 07 Jul 2020.

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