Electric stapler and wire binding machine TD-1200

Date: 16 Aug 2019 | Tag: electric stapler

The TD-1200 is a wire binding machine integrated with both binding and punching tools and is one of the fastest and efficient machines that anyone will dream of acquiring. The TD-1200 model can be used together with an electric stapler in different types of offices to produce high-quality work. The high-speed capabilities mean that the work output will with no doubt increase and in case it is being used for business purposes high-profit margins will be realized. This machine can be used in a wide variety of areas including educational institutions and government organizations which require different paper size binding. Its high speed is capable of punching 12 sheets A4 size 80 gsm papers and binding 120 sheets A4 size 80 gsm. This is such a good speed that can be utilized effectively to do an excellent job.

Additionally, this machine has some other fantastic features which make it be ranked as one of the best wire binding machines. This is a heavy duty wire binding machine that is constructed tough steel. Talking about tough steel can definitely create a mental picture of how tough and durable this machine is. This is definitely a long lasting machine you need to do your job. It is not just heavy duty in terms of its construction but also the huge volumes of work it can do at a single time. Accuracy is, of course, one of the factors an individual is usually keen about in any particular machine. No one actually wants to repeatedly do the same thing over and over again just because the machine does not do it the way he or she wants.

The TD-1200 model has got you covered on this so you should not have any reason to worry. This machine is also made in such a way that all materials are fed vertically into it to ensure high accuracy in the punching alignment. Furthermore, it has an adjustable edge guide which ensures easier centering of the documents. The effectiveness of a machine also depends on how it can be easily used without giving the user any problems. The TD-1200 heavy duty model has a steel handle which helps in solving such complications by ensuring easy punching. Another feature that makes this model user-friendly is that the control panel makes it so easy to program and the required mechanical adjustments and the necessary tools are easily accessible.

This model is also portable and one can easily carry it anywhere and comfortably complete his or her tasks. Moreover, it has margin adjustments that range from 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm hence one can control the desired area he or she needs the holes to be punched any given size of paper. A non-skid foot is also fitted on the bottom to enhance its stability. The presence of a fixing mount on this model enables the adjustment of the paper position hence the documents produced usually have a very professional binding appearance. There are very few machines which usually contain a waste bin.

The TD-1200 model is one of the few and one has not to worry about the cleanliness of the environment since it has a bin for strong paper scrap at its bottom which can be opened and cleaned easily.

The TD-1200 model is among the best binding and punching machines out there which can offer a very good long-term service.

Electric stapler and wire binding machine TD-1200

Originally published 16 Aug 2019, updated 16 Aug 2019.

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