Electric stapler and comb binder can be used in offices

Date: 15 Aug 2019 | Tag: electric stapler

A binding machine can be defined as a tool used to put sheets of paper together. Binding machines can be used in both offices and schools. There are several binding systems but comb binding is the most popular due to its high efficiency. Comb binding is usually so fast and easy to use and most importantly it is so flexible to meet a wide range of user needs.

The EB-20 model comb binding machine from RAYSON is a perfect example of a device used to punch and bind paper materials and it can be used alongside with an electric stapler in many offices including law firms and in the preparation of real estate proposals. This model was created with so many amazing features that will definitely make anyone acquire it without having a second thought to it.

The RAYSON EB-20 model is a comb binding machine that consists of 21 punching blades of varying sizes.This already gives an indication of the kind of work this device can do.These varying sizes of multiple blades make it suitable to be used on different types of documents. One can comfortably use this device to prepare different materials including reports and even presentations. This model has the capability of electrically punching up to 20 sheets 80gsm of A4 papers and bind 400 sheets of A4 80 gsm of A4 at a single time. This is just an amazing speed and however much paperwork one as he can be assured to be done with them in a very short time.

The comb binding machine EB-20 has also incredible margin adjustments hence it has the ability of binding books depending on the size that one needs. The margin adjustments range from 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm and the user has the ability to control where he or she needs the holes to be punched. This device is also fitted with the electric pedal which facilitates an increase to the punching speed. Durability is, of course, one of the most important aspects an individual looks at one acquiring a machine.

No one wants to be repairing his or her machine or acquiring a new one each and every time. The will definitely be expensive since doing all this means some amount of money has to be transacted. If you don’t need all of these problems at any particular time comb binding machine EB-20 is the perfect machine for you. I highly recommend this model because I am aware of the precautionary measures that were taken during the development of this machine. This model is constructed using very tough metal that enables it to withstand any conditions.

This device was created in a unique way with so many advanced features that make it the best comb binding machine in the market. This is what anyone who needs an excellent job done should acquire.

Electric stapler and comb binder can be used in offices

Originally published 15 Aug 2019, updated 15 Aug 2019.

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