Accessories Click Binding Spines


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651477064

◉ Model: Click Binding Spines

◉ Material: plastic

◉ Price: $10.99

◉ Color: black, white, green, yellow, orange, wathet, purple, cerulean, pink

◉ Depth: 312 mm

◉ Width: 53 mm

◉ Height: 41 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Inch: 5/16,3/8,1/2(8mm,10mm,12mm)

◉ Binding Sheets: 40,55,80

◉ Specifications: 30 Rings

◉ Packing:25 pcs/box


◉ Gives a professional appearance to bound documents.

◉ Durable, click-binding-spines ensure lasting performance.

◉ Permanent binding keeps pages in place. Available in several diameters.

◉ Available in several diameters and colors.

Product Description

◉Designed for use with ClickBind machines and compatible with any WireBind system, The ClickBind spines add an elegant and durable finish to any document. Documents fold back fully for photocopying and you can quickly edit them using a tool to unzip the spine.

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