Accessories 175 Micron PVC Cover


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651447642

◉ Model: 175 Micron PVC Cover

◉ Material: plastic

◉ Price: $12.89

◉ Color: clear

◉ Depth: 300 mm

◉ Width: 220 mm

◉ Height: 10 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Model: 175mic pvc cover

◉ Size: A4

◉ Number of pcs: 50

◉ Item Weight (kg): 16.4


◉ Clear binding cover to add a premium finishing touch to any document, personalise your documents with a title page and keep your bound document protected

◉ Use with wire or comb bound documents

◉ For use with A4 format documents, 175 micron thickness cover

◉ High quality protection, durable crystal clear PVC

◉ Contents: 50 x RAYSON Binding Covers, 175micron, A4, Clear

Product Description

◉ Binding doesn't get any easier. Made from durable, crystal clear PVC

◉ RAYSON Binding Covers add a premium finishing touch to any document. The title page display makes a striking impact while the contents enjoy the high quality protection.


"If you have an imagination like mine, these covers do so much. I am into building things from cool plant shelves to designs on paper, etc. Yes, they are great for binding something, but if that is all you are doing you have way more than you need on hand. very good price.nice decent thickness"



"very good price, the plastic seems to be fairly high quality and I'd be happy to bind professional reports with them. It would be nice if they were just a little larger than 8.5x11 so as to better protect the report edges when the binding skews them out a little."



"I can't comment on how they are for binding covers, but I'm thrilled nonetheless. You see, I've been looking for hard, thin plastic for craft use (primarily cutting stencils) and these fit my needs perfectly. They are thin enough to be flexible, but thick enough to feel quality and the Cricut can still cut through them."



"great for binding covers and keeping inner pages protected. they don't come punched its up to the user to bind how they want to worked well. the right thickness to keep 1/2 sheets of paper dry. Not too tough to cut with paper cutter. The hole punch did 3 sheets at a time. Thanks!"



"These are perfect for cutting stencil templates on my KNK Zing electronic cutter. I love that I can now make custom templates for class kits and resale. Great quality.Makes a great presentation look amazing. Easy to use and very professional looking."



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