Accessories Spiral Binding Ring


◉ EAN(Gtin13): 6956651475053

◉ Model: Spiral Binding Ring

◉ Material: plastic

◉ Price: $14.57

◉ Color: black, white

◉ Depth: 305 mm

◉ Width: 105 mm

◉ Height: 70 mm

◉ Sku: 1

◉ Color: black, white

◉ Inch: 1/4--2(6.4mm—50.8mm)

◉ Binding Sheets: 30--400

◉ Specifications:4:1

◉ Packing:100 per box


◉ Gives a professional appearance to bound documents.

◉ Durable, spiral binding ring ensure lasting performance.

◉ Binding letter size and below size paper(cut the over size part).

◉ Permanent binding keeps pages in place. Available in several diameters.

◉ Available in several diameters and colors.

Product Description

◉4:1 pitch spiral binding coils great for reports and presentations with any 4:1 pitch coil binding machine. 4:1 Coil binding ring means per inch has 4 holes (This is very important distinguish 3:1 from 4:1 cause the things to be as different. 3:1 means per inch has 3 holes. They are used with different binding machine.)

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